Meet the Team

Paperboy Love Prince is a rapper, politician, and influencer that has been integral in the formation of Paperboy hosts food distribution events, connects us to amazing opportunities, picks up donations, stocks fridges, and more.

Mental Stamina


Mental Stamina is a web developer, brand mentor, entertainment manager, content strategist, and visionary thinker who uses technology and innovation to combat food insecurity. He helps with the brainstorming and behind-the-scenes planning that keeps running smoothly.

Bri, short for Briana, is an artist and community organizer. She interfaces with volunteers on a daily basis. Bri connects people to many resources and opportunities through her work with



Sarah is a writer, community advocate, and volunteer outreach specialist with great experience in grassroots organizing. She uses her communication skills, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills to support our day-to-day logistics and long-term goals.

Volunteer Board

Thank you to all the volunteers that come together to make possible. Volunteers contribute in a variety of creative and interesting ways to make our food justice work vibrant, quirky, and inspiring. Volunteers are integral in forming the structure and culture within, making this a truly special group.