OurFood.NYC amplifies and celebrates creative food justice initiatives in New York City. We host fun events, organize food distributions, and create entertaining, positive experiences for our neighbors.

OurFood.NYC is one of the many groups that support the growing fridge movement. We fundraise for fridges while attracting business and media opportunities to the network. We also organize volunteers who help stock, maintain and install new community fridges.

What is the community fridge network?

We are part of a decentralized movement of neighbors, local businesses, and volunteer groups that address hunger and food waste in creative ways. This initiative consists of over 70 independently run fridges in New York City, and even more around the world. 

How does it work?

A fridge is decorated and installed in a public place. Volunteers come together to maintain the fridge, which is stocked with free food for the community. People are welcome to bring and take food as they please.

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