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Trusting signals to self “you are yearning” for what? Next, answers came post-haste.


Like millions around the world, like millions here, right now;
My life-needs are scraping at innumerable uncertainties and questions, I internally don’t always have the answers for:
“ When will I see the people, I identify as family, again? ”
“ How do I navigate support? ” “ How many are dying?
“ Where? Why?” “ How can I help? ” “ How do I stay safe? ”

Thousands of folks around, like me are directly affected immediately with unemployment and being on a budget, like never before. Food scarcity, Hunger affects every community in America, some groups of people are more vulnerable than others and although one of my blessing is food abundance. Looking to community fridges started to be my saving grace, My norm.

The stomachs of our community, rumbling.. Yearning.
Pondering solutions. To make these now life concerns and feelings go away; Yearning, turned into trust; that I will find what I am seeking.

One day in October, going through insta “stories” I saw a post about an food distribution event in Bushwick on Myrtle Ave.. Which peaked my interest as; I’m continuously looking out for food distributions I’m interested in, to properly sustain myself with fruits and vegetables that are available. I loaded up earlier that week from the community fridge I frequent at the mutual aid Artist community space, Public Assistants in Crown Heights. So, thinking: do I need groceries this week or can suffice with what I have? .. I didn’t need groceries that week however, I still wanted to attend, to assist anyway needed from a helping hand, to be around and communicate with folks and also to show up for self yet again, through Food.

I dmed @Paperboy through the stories asking if they needed more volunteers, led by an swift enthusiastic reply: they needed all helping hands on deck. I was excited to attend and show up with community.

Apron arriving, tho shy, was met safely with kind and urgent presence ready to DISTRIBUTE FOOD TO THE PEOPLE. The energies were straightforward: We need to get this food to people, whom are showing up for them self in every way they can and know how. First, we loaded out all 1000 boxes of food from the semi truck, we then thought there was propaganda signs in the boxes of food goods, with incentive to vote for government agendas.

After unpacking a few boxes; they were good to distribute with no signs or unwanted messages. Suddenly, with distance; Lines we’re here, formed.

The lines we’re LONG. Open arms and smiles behind masks, ready to feed. Folks had options to take particular items from displayed box or an entire closed box of nutritious and sustainable varieties of food products to take back home. Things ran with velocity and clarity, 10ish am swiftly became 4pm: As a first time volunteer with @Ourfoodnyc and not much expectation, this helped to get in the swing of things. There I was showing up today, by being with at least 20 volunteers with lots of distance, outside, giving time, energy and validation to human sacrifices and empowerment. Along side the food distribution; other people came out to share and express their natural artistic abilities through the performance of personal songs by paperboy +, the playing of the violin, guitar, and words spoke to the people in line with encouragement as we supply massive amounts of food to the community of Bushwick and several other adjoining community fridges all across NYC.

After lines completed. While packing and cleaning up, there were STILL food around which was encourage to take home. I took home carrots apples eggs onions potato and probiotic yogurt. Which of course sustained me through days pictured above, for the rest of the month. Used the extra veggies for smoothies to feel accountable to life and able. I am getting nourished. Thank you Ourfoodnyc for this collective and vital experience volunteering and spreading nuance love and continued empowerment through food too and with each other.


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